Hancock Piano Studios

dedicated to nurturing students of all ages

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House Rules

  • Please maintain the posted speed limit when traveling along the gravel roads in our development.
  • No gum.
  • The only places in the house open to clients are the teaching studio and bathroom across the hall. Families may wait briefly in the living room while I am finishing up with another student-family.
  • Please remember to remove your shoes when you enter.
  • If more than one member of your family is taking lessons, everyone is expected to be in the teaching room. This is an excellent opportunity for children to learn through observation, even if they aren’t paying close attention to the lesson.
  • Please bring something to do for children who are waiting for their turn. Books, puzzles, even an electronic gadget (DS, iTouch, etc.) that can be set on mute or used with headphones is fine. Until Julie is older and can speak for herself, her toys are not available for other children. Also, our nanny is hired to watch Julie, not additional children.
  • Children may not be outside unattended.