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Suzuki Piano Lessons

SUZUKI PIANO – ages 3½ years and up

The Suzuki method teaches children how to play musical instruments in the same way they learn to speak their native language. Children as young as 3 1/2 years old listen to recordings and with the careful help of teacher and parent learn to play by ear. Reading music is held as a separate skill, and I delay it until the student is ready. This allows us to focus on creating a beautiful tone and a natural technique that is free from tension. While students gain wonderful playing abilities, the main emphasis is on giving students of all ages great self-esteem and an appreciation of beauty and quality in a loving and nurturing environment. Students receive weekly individual lessons and occasional group lessons. They also participate in area events including festivals, master classes, play-ins, and competitions. Parents must read Nurtured by Love or Ability Development from Age Zero, both written by Suzuki, for a complete description of the philosophy. Students transferring from a more traditional lesson model will be taught in a modified Suzuki approach. Please contact me directly for information.

Students enrolled in piano study will participate in:

- Private lessons geared toward each child’s level of development and abilities.
- Group lessons, held at least four times throughout the school year, to enable children to socialize with each other, perform in an informal setting, and learn about music theory and history.
- Recitals, held 2-3 times a year
- Outside performance experiences including festivals, competitions, music history Bs, play-a-thons, etc.

Expectations of piano students and their families:

•We must all work to maintain a focused, non-judgmental, and non-competitive psychology that nurtures each student.
•Parents must read Nurtured by Love or Ability Development from Age Zero, both written by Shinichi Suzuki.
•Regular, timely attendance at individual and group lessons by student and a parent/caregiver is a must for progress! Make sure your child has all notebooks, music books, and other necessary supplies. This also includes showing up early to take care of bathroom, hand washing, nail trimming. Students who miss more than three lessons per session for reasons other than illness/family emergency may require a parent conference before continuing with the next session.
•Students must practice and listen daily with a parent/caregiver. My goal for each student is to build up to one hour each day.
•The more a student listens to the assigned music the quicker it is learned. Parents should listen because it will be much easier for you to catch mistakes when you are familiar with the music too!
•Fingernails need to be trimmed below tip of finger. This facilitates good technique and helps eliminate tension, which may cause injury.
•Please pay tuition and materials fee on time. If there are challenges, please speak to me directly.